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Silicon Valley- Season 3 Finale

Silicon Valley Season 3 finale was a big one, and what a way it ended. With Jared buying fake profile accounts to get an uptick in their daily users and continuing to buy 1k more everyday for a week.

Richard finds out what Jared is up to and confronts him and he confesses, and Richard agrees to keep his secret.

With the news that Pied Piper is going in a downward spiral going around town, Erlich out and about plays a couple of VCs. When it is all set and done Erlich ends up getting a series B offer for funding.

Side note- Its’ total BS that Jared judges Richard for going to sign the offer sheet even tho he has knowledge of the uptick . But it was Jared who bough the accounts. Total BS.

Once Richard gets to the office to sign the offer sheet, he has a change of hearts and comes clean about purchasing accounts from India. Leaving the office Erlich flips out on Richard about not telling him the truth and making him look like an idiot. Monica visits Richard and lets him know that Laurie, Managing Partner of Raviga is going to sell off Pied Piper to the highest visitor.

Laurie runs into Galvin and he makes jokes and first offers 900$ to buy pied piper, but then he says he prefers round numbers and offers 1million dollars. With Pied Piper board voting to sell all of it’s assets and company to it highest bidder, Monica says no and Laurie removes her form the board. Richard says yes to the sale to end the meeting ASAP. Laurie announces Pied Piper has been sold to Bachmanity for 1 million and 1 dollars.

Richard confronts Erlich and thanks him and Big head from buying the company. Erlich lets him know it will take a long, long, long time to regain his trust, next thing you know they are having fun and everything is back to normal. Monica might be fired and lets them know she can use a job and can be paid in stock options.






Red Sox vs Texas

With Boston Red Sox sending Clay Buchholz to the mound as it’s starter and try to bounce back from his previous horrible start. With back to back loses for Clay, Farrell decided not to back him for a potential next start.

Clay Buchholz struggle in the first inning and that doomed him for the rest of the game, with the offense still struggling to get back to it’s red hot pace. Buchholz gave up seven hits and five runs –four earned — in 5 1/3 innings in the loss to Texas. He now falls to 3-8 for the season.

Boston Red Sox will send  Eduardo Rodriguez, who is (1-2, 6.41 ERA) in the season. He gets the opener of a three-game series at Tampa Bay on Monday night.

Reports: Fertitta brothers accept bid to sell UFC

With reports coming out today that the UFC has decided to accept a bid of 4.2 billion dollars to be bought is insane. The brothers bought UFC in 2001 for 2 million dollars.

All i have to say is wow, what a great investment they made and what a freaking huge return they will get back.

Reports came out last week that The leading contender to buy UFC was a group composed of WME/IMG, the Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda, The Kraft Group, and Chinese investment company Tencent Holdings Limited, according to Jeremy Botter of FloSports.

Now we just have to wait and see if they ended up wining or they got out bid by another group.

JR Smith Party tour

With the Cleveland Cavalier’s now 2016 NBA champions, the JR Smith party tour is now on full swing. If he was notorious for partying when he was with the knicks while they sucked, how crazy will he go now that he is a champion.

Well we have good news with a video of of smith partying surfacing Monday, we can safely say he will be partying with Johnny Football.

Quick question, who will party more smith of manziel?

Summer Sucks

Now that the NBA and NHL finals are over, we can say weekends will be boring with nothing to watch except boring baseball. With summer now officially upon us, baseball will be in full swing and all over ESPN.

3 months to go till the start of the NFL season, one great thing we can look forward to is the summer olympics that begin August 3rd and will last till August 23rd.

Some of the best sports to watch in the olympics are in no particular order.

1. Track and Field
2. Swimming
3. Soccer
4. Gymnastics
5. Tennis

I know there are a lot more events going on and some i left off. Which events are people most excited about.

Silicon Valley

Episode 9 of season 3 was a great episode, that showed how a start up works. They have huge up and downs, but its up to the CEO to have a direction for the company even through tough times.

With Pied Piper hitting 500k downloads but with only about 20k returning users, they all knew they were in big shit. Richard decides to spend money on ads, focus groups and tutorials, but with no results.

Gavin brings in Jack Barker former CEO of pied piper to unveil a new product. With the unveil of a hardware product the board moves to reinstate Gavin as Ceo.

With Richard giving the news to his team, a lot of employees quit within the following days and it looks like the company is done.

Once Richard decides to give his team that has been with him since day 1, they laugh at him because they just gained 7k new returning users and that’s when Jared gets a phone call. During the call we find out Jared has paid a click farm in india to gain those active users and will continue to paid them in order to grow the number.

Now we wait till next sunday for the season finally of season 3. Should i do reviews for Game of thrones? You tell me.

Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox sent David Price to the mound against the seattle Mariners. The way Price pitched is the way the team needs him to pitch for the rest of the year to win the division.

Price pitched 8 innings and only allowed 1 run for the win and Boston only gave him 2 runs of support and kimbrel went in the 9th for his save.

NBA Finals

Well it looks like Lebron James has won his *3rd NBA tittle and finally brought a tittle to cleveland. I put an asterisk on tittle number 3 for multiple reasons.

Main reason i put an asterisk is because it is total bs that green got suspended for a game for a simple love tap on james but not for a kick to the balls of Steven Adams in the WCF against the thunder. I feel like the NBA decided to save the suspension for a later time and what a time to use it, with cleveland down 3-1.

Even tho i hate James, i respect him as the best NBA player in the planet. He had to go beast mode in order to bring his team in order to win and that’s what he did. James finished game 7 with a triple double to bring his city a championship.

Anyway congrats James and the NBA, you guys deserved this tittle.

Cleveland NBA champs*

Congrats to the Cleveland Cavalier’s for their first NBA championship and first to the city of cleveland in over 50 years. Looks like the city of poor fucking losers needed the help of the NBA to win. But congrats to them anyway

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